Blossom Love Collection III 2023 24

Experience Silvia Macedo's Exquisite Wedding Dress Collection.

Introducing Blossom Love Collection III the Exquisite Wedding Dress Collection by Silvia Mace

Situation: Silvia Macedo has designed an incredible new wedding attire collection.

Approach: Collaborated closely with Silvia to provide a comprehensive video production service to showcase her collection.

Roles: Took on the Art Direction for the project,managing both the filming and the post-production editing processes in a professional studio setting.

Deliverables: Produced six high-quality videos featuring innovative lighting and creative solutions, all filmed within a studio environment to highlight the exquisite details of the wedding collection.


Directed by Vincent Amstutz
Edited by Vincent Amstutz

Fashion Designer : Silvia Macedo
Starring Zora GR
Make-Up Noelia DeJesus

Planning & Design : Eventsbyloukia
Jewlery : Chiaratedeschi Jewleery