Cash and Crises series

Wonder what CashEssentials stands for? Check out our videos that reveal cash's positive attributes, and why it's an important player in the payments landscape.

Objective: Produce a series of six videos highlighting the significance of cash in various crisis scenarios. The topics covered include "Digital Money," "The Role of Central Banks in Disaster Management," "The Multiplier Effects," "Pre-paid Card Payments & Settlements," "The Cash Cycle in Disasters," and"Cash and Disease Transmission." Each video, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, required storytelling and animation. A significant challenge was creating a robust set of animated assets in Cinema 4D, rendered with 2D cell shading art direction, that could be reused across the series to save time and maintain consistency.

Approach: Utilized Cinema 4D for asset creation and After Effects for compositing, ensuring a seamless integration of visuals and narrative.

Roles: Developed a diverse range of animated assets and scene setups. Provided art direction, especially guiding our junior animator throughout the project to ensure stylistic and thematic coherence.

Deliverables: Successfully delivered six informative and visually engaging videos, each elaborating on a critical aspect of cash usage in crises. The reuse of animated assets across videos not only enhanced production efficiency but also ensured visual consistency with around 110'000 view for all videos.