Vaga Bon Cafe

Photo shooting for the article "The Incredible Tin And Cork Coffee Design Of Switzerland’s Vaga Bon Cafe".

Objective: Highlight the innovative and eco-friendly coffee packaging design of Switzerland's Vaga Bon Cafe as explored in Sprudge's article. The challenge was to visually capture the unique use of tin and cork materials that underscore the cafe's commitment to sustainability.

Approach: Conducted an outdoor photoshoot featuring the product and the cafe owner. This setting not only emphasized the natural aspect of the packaging but also connected the product with the environment it respects.

Roles: Provided art direction for the shoot, capturing the essence of Vaga Bon Cafe's design philosophy. Managed photography from shooting through to post-production editing to ensure high-quality, engaging images.

Deliverables: Produced a series of diverse photographs that were utilized in the Sprudge article, effectively conveying the beauty and functionality of the packaging to a wider audience of coffee lovers and design enthusiasts.